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Koolio's LOL signup referral id

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So adding this new board here onto the forum, some of you all know I play it on EUW server, shamelessly adding my referral id for anyone who hasn't got an account and wants to give it a go....

Use this link to signup...

When you get past level 10 you can start playing some games with me, that's if you start your account on EUW, if its North America than probably not, depends I do have champion on NA that is under lvl5, so let know I might start playing on that aswel.

i failed all those criteria :P

I always wondered how it feels like to play LoL. I'm guessing I can't play with you if I live in NA then Lol

LoL is fun just started playing a few weeks ago

Dota 2 is better :P


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