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Use cmd /ranks in game to see this..

Ranks overview

Player Ranks

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Prisoner - This is actually better than not being Registered
Registered - Compared to most default server ranks it's great
Member - Regular Voter 20+ times /vote /total Extra fly time
Member+ - Regular member with 100+ votes get perm fly
Voter+ - You get this by being top voter of the month
Helper - A rank for those who help new players at Kraftzone
Artist - 10+ Creative Builds.. to be judged.
Architect - Build 15+ very good building.. to be judged.
Developer - Maker of awesome plugins that this server uses.

Donator Ranks

|||Donator - Visit or talk to Koolio
|ViP - A regular contributor or has helped server in other ways.

Staff Ranks

-Staff - Trusted regular member. its possible to earn this rank.
~Support - You cannot just earn this rank without being Staff
|||Admin - Koolio runs the server and is also [Owner].

Forum Ranks

Newbie - First Rank.
Jr. Member - 50+ Posts
Full Member - 100+ Posts
Hero Member - 500+ Posts
Wiki Team - Wiki Editor
Staff - Staff Member
Donator - Donated to the server
Administrator - Only Bob, has earned this.

Rank details


This rank is generally only ever given to dedicated kraftzone players that just lost there way and need to cooldown usually because they have started to become a menace to other players on the server. Unlike jailing they are still free to move around on the map they are in, the rank limits building permissions and teleporting, etc

Bob would say this is one of the easiest ranks to get on the server, though the fun stops after you get it.

How to obtain

Only ever used when muting, kicking, tempbanning or permanent ban is seen as too harsh.

Greifing, pvp abuse, bullying, spamming and being argumentative towards Staff or higher ranks ... these are all ways you might end up in this rank, Jailing is rarely used here at Kraftzone, if you are that bad you will likely find yourself given warnings before being; muted, kicked off server or banned. The order of which is entirely down the discretion of Kraftzone staff and your attitude.

For Ban appeals, disputes etc goto Forum link


All new players who join Kraftzone are given this rank, the reason its called registered goes back to when Kraftzone used to require all new players to type /register <password> upon joining the server the first time.

When a new player joins the main server ( now, they are automatically assigned a hidden password. If you joined the server this way then you can get your assigned password by using the command /whatsmypass while on the main server. The password is for account protection and website server features like where you can check extra stats.

It can also be used by joining Kraftzone lobby server ( and using /login <yourpassword> useful for when Mojangs login servers are down and need to play as an 'offline player'.

How to obtain

Join Kraftzone.








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