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Player Protection - Wiki

Player Protection



Use this to protect your area when you are building in the wilderness on the server.
Joining or starting a town can be used for bigger area protection needs.

/mychunks - Shows this command list in game.
/mychunk claim - Claims a 16x16 chunk of land. (Max of 8 players per claim).
/mychunk info - Check how many mychunks you have and locations of them.
/mychunk unclaim - Unclaims land. (Ask support for unclaiming of all land).
/mychunk allow <playername> - Allows a player chunk access.
/mychunk disallow <playername> - Disallow a player chunk access.
/mychunk allowmobs <on:off> - Allows mobs to spawn/harm in your chunk.
/mychunk allowpvp <on:off> - Allows pvp in your chunk.


Sponge blocks are generally only given out to new players who need quick area protection, however /mychunks is the preferred protection method for new players who are building in the wilderness.


This is the basic command list for all players on the server, the full list of towny commands click here

/town ? - This brings up the town help menu.
/town list - Shows all the towns on the server, towns with (Open) mean you can join them without being invited.
/town spawn - Teleports you to your towns spawn.
/town spawn <townname> - Teleports you to another towns spawn.
/town deposit <amount> - Deposits a nominated amount of money into your town’s bank.
/resident list - Shows all town residents.
/town leave - Use this to leave a town.
/plot claim - Claims the plot for the plot price.
/plot unclaim - Unclaims the plot.
/resident ? - Displays commands available to you as a resident.

Creating your first town

To create a town and become a town mayor you need to have member rank (click here for rank guides) and $25000 in your bank, check with /money. Earning money on the server is fairly simple, here is a list of ways that you earn money just by playing.

-Joining a job that earns your money use /jobs browse to see the list, and /job join <job name> -Selling items at /shop -Killing hostile mobs -Voting rewards

Voting at the sites listed in /vote or clicking on the links at the top right side of the kraftzone website and voting will earn your money in game and increase your server votes. Check /total in game to see when you have voted 20 times and then use /rankup to get your member rank

Once you have member rank and $25,000 you can create your own town where you want using command /town new <townname>

For a complete Towny guide click here

Mayor's commands:
/town claim - Claims the plot(chunk) for your town. Must be adjacent to another town square.
/town unclaim Unclaims a town plot(chunk).
/town withdraw <amount> - (DISABLED) Removes specified amount of money from the town bank.
/town add <resident> - Adds the selected resident to your town. They must accept.
/town remove <resident> - Removes the selected resident from your town.
/town toggle <setting> - Toggles the town settings on or off. The settings are: - pvp - public - explosion - fire - mobs - taxpercent
/town set board <message> - Sets the town message shown when a Town Member logs in.
/town set mayor <resident> - Sets the selected resident as Town Mayor.
/town set homeblock - Sets the town "home block".
/town set spawn - Sets the town's spawn.
/town set taxes <amount> - Sets the daily taxes for the town.
/town set plottax <amount> - Sets the tax per plot owned by a player.
/town set plotprice <money> - Sets the price to buy a plot.
/plot forsale <amount> - Lists the plot for sale. Make sure you are standing on the plot when you type this!
/plot notforsale - The plot is no longer for sale.


You can get worldguard protection if you have demonstrated you can build. Just ask support or admin to get a worldguard area for your build project.

This protection is only for large buildings and big areas that need protecting.






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