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How to play

To join the quake lobby you must /quakeworld . Once you're there click on one of the signs for a the quake map you would like to play on. There must be a minimum of at least 2 players for a game to start. You right click with your hoe to try to shoot other players, the objective of the game is to get as many points as you can before time runs out or you reach the point limit.


/quake leave - Leave the quake match you are in.
/quake help - Get more commands in game.
/quake join [arena] - Joins the specific arena.
/quake shop - Opens the shop.

Quake shop

The way you earn coins is by shooting another player, and by winning games.
For each successful kill, you earn 1 coin.
For each won game, you earn 20 coins.

Mob Arena


How to play

MobArena is a PvE-take on arena-game play, with a similar class-based system. Instead of fighting other players, you team up with them to beat oncoming waves of monsters, earning lots of rewards in the process. MobArena can be played alone, or with as many friends as you like!

Use warp: /Raze to get to the main mob arena.


Extra commands should you want to use them, though signs are provided aswel.

/mobarena is the longer command name, use /ma the shorter one.

/ma join - Join the arena if only one exists. Otherwise, join the Master Lobby (will be featured later).
/ma join <arena>- Join the arena with the specified name.
/ma leave - Leave the current arena, or the spectator area.
/ma notready - Get a list of all players who aren't ready.
/ma spectate - Spectate the arena if only one exists.
/ma spectate <arena> - Spectate the arena with the specified name.
/ma arenas - Get a list of all arenas. Green names are enabled, gray names are disabled.
/ma players - Get a list of all arena players.
/ma players <arena> - Get a list of arena players in the specified arena.


TNTRun small.jpg

How to play

Get there using warp command: /TNT

The 4 different arenas can be joined by clicking the relevant join arena sign.

How to play: Players start on layer of sand and every block that they step on dissapears. If player falls through the last sand level to the bottom pit he loses. The last player still in the arena wins the game. Basically like spleef only this time all you have to do is keep moving over blocks to remove them, while avoid falling yourself.


Extra commands should you want to use them, though signs are provided aswel.

/tntrun join <tnt1/tnt2/tnt3/tnt4> - Join the arena game.
/tntrun leave - Leave the match.
/tntrun vote - Use this to call a vote to start if not enough players have joined the arena.



How to play

Just do /island make a cobblegenerator, expand your island and try to complete the challenges to get new items to use on your island.

Invite others to come help you build you island, check the command list for more info.

Island commands

/island - Start a new skyblock island, or return to an existing one.
/island restart - Restart your skyblock island (will remove all progress)
/island sethome - Set the point where you teleport to when using /island (note: can only be used on your island)
/island info - View information about yours or another persons island
/island top - View the top ten list.
/island lock - Prevents anyone outside of the player's party from entering the island
/island unlock - Let anyone enter the island (note: other player's will still be unable to build unless they are in the same party)
/island invite <player> - Invite a player to join your island.
/island kick <player> - Remove a player from your island.
/island makeleader <player> - Make <player> the new owner of your island
/island accept - Accept an invitation to join an island.
/island reject - Decline an invitation to join an island.
/island leave - Leave your current island. Note: If you are the party leader, you will keep the island and remove all other players.
/island party - Display information about your island's leader and members
/island checkparty <player> - Get information about <player>'s island group
/island partylist - See a list of all island groups
/island listinvites - See a list of pending invites
/island purgeinvites - Delete the list of pending invites
/island partyclean - Attempt to fix broken island groups (player's unable to leave/join islands)
/island warp - View information about the warp feature
/island warp <player> - Warp to <player>'s island. Requires that <player> have an active warp.
/island setwarp - Set the location that players can warp to on your island. Anyone using /island warp to visit your island will teleport to this point
/island togglewarp - nable/disable your island's warp point. When disabled non-party members will be unable to warp to your island.
/island ban <player> - ban/unban a player from warping to your island. Note: this only affects players using /island warp to visit your island


Challenges are customized skyblock goals that a player can complete on his island for a reward.

Access the challenges by using /challenges, /challenge or /c. See information about a challenge by using /challenge <challengename>. Attempt to complete a challenge by using /challenge complete <challengename> or /c c <challengename> for short.

/challenges - View the list of available challenges.
/challenges <challengename> - View information about requirements/rewards for the given challengename.
/challenges complete <challengename> - Attempt to complete the given challengename.






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