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Donator Commands - Wiki

Donator Commands


Donators Commands, & Rules

All players of Kraftzone are treated the same, however donators do receive a little more attention to requests, such as getting terrain/buildings worldedited or spawners placed, etc.
Donators are allowed to bypass all normal restrictions that are set on normal players. (Blocked items, Fire, TNT, ect. Teleport delays, and chat cooldown)
Donators are allowed to use colored chat and unfiltered links in chat.
Forum and ingame rank are provided upon request.

For any other information on donations click here ->\donate

Tier One

/don {message} - Allows you to chat ingame on a seperate channel only seen by other donators and staff.
/sethome1, /sethome2 - Multiple homes. Set up to 3 homes.
/ci - Clears inventory.
/kit flydisc - Kit for 2 flydiscs, use every 24 hrs.
/workbench - Provides you with a virtual crafting table.
/disguise (mobtype) - Allows you to use mob disguises.
/dynmap webregister - Allows you to get a code to register an account for dynamicmap.

Tier Two

-Tier two gets all permissions from Tier 1 plus some of its own.

/mob mount - You can rid atop of all mobs, including directional movement.
/fly, fly on, /flight - Unlimited fly access.
/kit money - Gives you money, can be used every 24 hrs.
/hat - Places the selected block on your head.
/fw get - Easy fireworks, gives you fireworks.
/invsee (playername) - Lets you see inside player inventories. Even the staff :D
/warp help - Lets you make your own warps, and visit other warps.

Tier Three

-Tier three get all permissions from Tier 1 and Tier 2 aswell as its own.

A colored nickname is given to you by support/admin. Nickname is only colored, not changed (to a certain extent).

/erepair <all> - Repairs items instantly. If repair requests recieved, direct to staff.
/dtime <time> <reason> - Changes ingame time. If abused, it will be taken away.
/god - Take no damage. If abused, it will be taken away.
/kit compass - Compass used for teleportation.
/spawner set <mobtype> - Allows you to change your own spawners
/deltree - Deletes floating trees. use /none to turn it off.
/ti [1-4] - Multiple inventories.
/trail [list] - Leaves a trail of particles behind.
/pet selector - You will get a bone. From there right click it to select any mob as a pet.






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