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General Commands

Common commands
/mapcord - To see where you're on the map.
/whereami - To see which world you are at currently.
/kraftzone - Shows some info. To new players at Kraftzone
/helpcmd – Provides an ingame list of most useful commands and guides.
/home – After using /sethome, use this command to return to your home at any time.
/list – This command will show you all the online players.
/msg [playername] [message] – Use this command to send a private message to any player.
/rankup – Automatic promotion to the next rank if you have the minimum votes for it.
/rules – This command will display the server rules.
/sethome – This command will set your home.
/total – Shows your total server playtime, votes, and when you last voted at eachsite.
/tpa [playername] – Sends teleport request to someone. If they accept, you will be teleported to their location.
/tpaccept – Accept a /tpa request.
/tpahere [playername] – Asks the specified player to accept teleport to your location.
/tpdeny – Deny a /tpa request.
/vote – Shows all the voting site links.
/flydisc – Shows info on using flydisc (brokendisc) to fly.
/fly on – Have broken disc in your inventory?, use this to fly with it.
/fly off – Use this to stop to flying.

Warp list

There are no traveling restrictions at any of these warps, feel free to look around.

/spawn – This command will take you back to the spawn area.
/freebuild – Warp to the 1.5 freebuild map.
/quakeworld – Warp to the quake world.
/cityworld – Warp to the cityworld.
/bonai – Warp to original kraftzone map, on bonai island.
/durban – Warp to original kraftzone map, at durban estate.
/kakikaro – Warp to original kraftzone map, blockhunt map.
/boatrace – Warp to the boatrace event.
/eggshop – Warp to the eggshop.
/shop – Warp to the shop.
/stables – Warp to the horse stables, you can buy horses, leads, hay etc.
/enchantshop – Warp to the enchant shop.
/godshop – Warp to godshop prices sometimes cheaper.
/raze – Warp to the Raze mob arena.
/makati – Warp to the Makati mob arena.
/parkour – Warp to the official parkour map.
/wildernes2 – Warp to the old survival spawn point.
/sky_checkers – Warp to the checkers minigame.
/survival – Warp to survival world wilderness where you can build nearby.
/miniblocks – Warp to /mb gallery.
/hadesparkourpit – Warp to a parkour minigame.
/playershops – Warp to playershop board at sky spawn.


Use this to protect your area when you are building in the wilderness on the server.
Joining or starting a town can be used for bigger area protection needs.

/mychunks - Shows this command list in game.
/mychunk claim - Claims a 16x16 chunk of land. (Max of 8 players per claim).
/mychunk info - Check how many mychunks you have and locations of them.
/mychunk unclaim - Unclaims land. (Ask support for unclaiming of all land).
/mychunk allow <playername> - Allows a player chunk access.
/mychunk disallow <playername> - Disallow a player chunk access.
/mychunk allowmobs <on:off> - Allows mobs to spawn/harm in your chunk.
/mychunk allowpvp <on:off> - Allows pvp in your chunk.


See the full Towny commands list for comprehensive list of towny commands.
This is just the basic command list, note: /t can be used instead of typing /town

/town ? - This brings up the town help menu.
/town list - Shows all official towns.
/town spawn - Teleports you to your towns spawn.
/town spawn <townname> - Teleports you to another towns spawn.
/town deposit <amount> - Deposits a nominated amount of money into your town’s bank.
/resident list - Shows all town residents.
/town leave - Use this to leave a town.
/plot claim - Claims the plot for the plot price.
/plot unclaim - Unclaims the plot.
/resident ? - Displays commands available to you as a resident.


/jobs stats [playername] - Shows stats of your jobs. Such as level and jobs joined.
/jobs leave all - Lets you leave all jobs at once, rather than one by one.
/jobs browse - Lists the jobs available to join.
/jobs join [jobname] - Joins the job. (Only join up to 3).
/jobs info [jobname] [action] - Shows the specs of the job
/jobs leave [jobname] - Leaves that job.


/bal – Check your balance.
/money - Another way to check your balance.
/pay [name] [amount of $] - To pay someone money.


Party Commands

Party Commands
/party join [player] - Join a players party.
/party quit - Leave current party.
/party chat - Toggle party chat.
/party invite [player] - Send party invite.
/party accept - Accept party invite.
/party teleport [player] - Teleport to party member.

Other Commands

Other Commands
/mctop [skill] [page] - Leaderboards.
/mcability - Toggle ability activation with right click.
/inspect [player] - View detailed player info.
/[skill] - View detailed information about a skill.






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