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Color Codes - Wiki

Color Codes


To bring up a list of all colors codes in-game use: /colors

Wiki colors.png

&0 = Black | HEX 000000
&1 = Dark Blue | HEX 0000AA
&2 = Dark Green | HEX 00AA00
&3 = Dark Cyan | HEX 00AAAA
&4 = Dark Red | HEX AA0000
&5 = Purple | HEX AA00AA
&6 = Gold | HEX FFAA00
&7 = Light Gray | HEX AAAAAA
&8 = Gray | HEX 555555
&9 = Blue | HEX 5555FF
&a = Green | HEX 55FF55
&b = Cyan | HEX 55FFFF
&c = Red | HEX FF5555
&d = Magenta | HEX FF55FF
&e = Yellow | HEX FFFF55
&f = White | HEX FFFFFF

How to use

To use color codes, type an "&" followed directly by the code you want to use. (Example: &c , &7)

To test using color codes, send a message to yourself in-game:
/msg <yourname> <text>

Wiki textcolor.png

Wiki textcomplete.png

Color codes on signs

Wiki signtext.png

Wiki signcomplete.png

Color Codes on Forums

It is also possible to use the colors on the Kraftzone forums, using their HEX values (listed above) and BB code.

The format for doing this is as follows: [color=#(HEX Value)] (your text here) [/color]


Registered: Can use color codes in private messages to other players.
Member: Can use color codes in private messages to other players.
Donators: Can use color codes in public chat.
Higher: Can use color codes anywhere.






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