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Announcements / Re: Merry Christmas
« Last post by 1.902 on January 01, 2021, 01:48:32 am »
Hell yeah.

Santa that son of a bitch.

Id have to say that sucks;

Cool you are growing a beard. You might look like a brute! Koolio the Brute

Too bad. Drinking is not good for the liver! It could make you quiver! So good you don't drink too much.
Well you can pour a cup of liquor for santa next year;  Liquor and shaving cream instead of milk and cookies. Seems like a legit substitute!  Im sure he would love it

Happy new year!
Announcements / Re: Merry Christmas
« Last post by Koolio on December 31, 2020, 09:40:06 pm »
Well I got bathroom stuff shaving foam etc, even though I've quit shaving and growing a beard.. and I got a bunch of whiskey bottles, even though I've quit drinking alcohol unless out socially..

so I guess the lesson learned is if you are going to make life style changes don't do them before Christmas, you might get the wrong gifts :D
Announcements / Re: Merry Christmas
« Last post by 1.902 on December 30, 2020, 08:41:42 pm »
I did. I got a new hoodie and some shoes that unfortunately looked horrible to say the least. I am returning them; so that will be a good one to get a quick buck back. Hoodie is nice though. I think its cool.  I mean; I asked for coal to power a steam turbine but I got some horrible shoes instead so I think im alright.

How about you Koolio? You get anything for Christmas? 
Announcements / Merry Christmas
« Last post by Koolio on December 24, 2020, 06:45:05 pm »
Merry Christmas everyone, hope you all enjoy the holidays.
Announcements / Server updated to 1.16.4
« Last post by Koolio on December 05, 2020, 11:02:27 pm »
Just a rare update, because I know I do so few of those things here.

Server updated (1.16.4) didn't realize it was already out of date, anyway will try get some more things sorted out including server spawn. It's still the plan to reduce some of the old maps and merge them into a newer map..reduce all the map backup storage hassle of maintenance, broken teleports etc (will put the old maps up for download again before I remove them off the server anyway)

Also added this server stats tool now you can see when random players hop on it for 5mins .. and the live map url for those who want to explore

Well that's all for now
General Discussions / Re: KraftZone Money Exchange
« Last post by 1.902 on August 19, 2020, 06:40:42 pm »
Imagine paying for E girls onlyfans. !!! Scary.

So not like you are far off here.  Even if it is a joke the world is today so. 
General Discussions / Re: KraftZone Money Exchange
« Last post by ~Sly on August 18, 2020, 04:12:03 am »
Holy shit, teenage me was trying to HUSTLE around here haha. Imagine actually paying for any of this...
General Discussions / Re: Let's take the cobwebs off the website.
« Last post by 1.902 on August 10, 2020, 07:41:11 am »
I want to start an actual new chapter on zone; But its just not been easy.

Can't write I did anything to really motivate Koolio or anyone else; or even did stuff myself.  So the server being down is my fault and I feel like if I don't help it might not. Not that anyone needs me. But maybe if I could help; just maybe.

The game has really been going in the direction of using mcfunctions; and other types of pratices. They even have dimensions were you can go to multiple worlds now in vanilla. So the game is improving a lot in terms of vanilla; just not in a developer since.

So somethings are limited but it doesen't mean all things are gone. I wanted to figure out what might benefit certain functions better; such as plugins that support functions because the functions will likely last as the game goes on; the plugins have to be updated. So It was my orginal goal I just got carried away with a few other things.

I am not doubting the server starting; as I figured it was just some people going to be together getting the server going; It was just some personal experiences that made me feel otherwise.

So ignore some of what I write; but people have kept in touch and you don't know who can message each otherwise; so its not like there is much trust in the server; more behind closed doors. That is as of this date; some of them will not even return so its changed again. It was a year ago about now we tried to restart the server.

I am trying to make my life better and it seems to be getting so; I just have some built up rage I let off. Its nothing much but really its not been easy for me either to really get a server going; maybe if I actually took more time and a little more focus; and not place time in ideas that go nowhere because there isen't bigger concepts would be good.

Personally had ideas but they just kind of washed away as I felt no one here was really there for the zone. But if you want you can work on it; I am here also but just know I am not perfect.
General Discussions / Re: Let's take the cobwebs off the website.
« Last post by Koolio on August 04, 2020, 11:02:16 pm »
Sheep's always deep, he's not entirely wrong or right though, the thing about friends/members here its not all true also some party dubai there was no party. Though kraftzone members that I remember and registered as forum members are all on the virtual list for a reunion party at some point in a distant lottery winning universe where I koolio throws money around lol, just don't count on it happening thats all. Much like this mc server getting back to anything other than another attempt to bring it back to being playable... problem really being that mc just hasn't improved much so my attention and time available to it isn't what it used to be, hell some great mods that used to exist simply don't anymore, and that's just offputting, so i dunno whatever the hell mojang/ms do with all that money they get for mc, it doesn't go into the game much.
Videos / Re: A video I made for an update of my server back in 2018
« Last post by 1.902 on August 04, 2020, 10:51:06 pm »
Close.. Its pandoras box. I saw this image and though of the death entertainment sells and same with the food industry with big pharma. Woody and Happy meal mascot are both real.. Woody might be exaggerated here.. but the happy meal is not. Would you open that happy meal? I woulden't
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