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Announcements / Re: New Server...
« on: September 23, 2019, 08:56:07 pm »
Happy zone is up again, I was a little surprised about it all. Been taking some time to get back to my mineroots, Ive been enjoying the virtual ambiance.

General Discussions / Re: How the years have gone by
« on: August 03, 2019, 06:53:33 am »
Sorry.. Been grazing a bit. Getting trippy  8) but anyway:

I want to get zone back up and running, but thing is:

I want to start working on a survival prospect; that being custom weapons and tools. It is running commands for things like command blocks, but without so. Not sure how things will work with the server, but there are plenty of ideas can be worked on into concepts.

Example being an automatic crossbow, might not seem too cool but with the right customs and concepts surrounding it can become its own unique super weapon! I got Ideas for the crossbow to make an actual weapon concept to where range is actually rivalling to using swords; just shy of a overpowered bow. Melee weapon pretty much takes the bread home in minecraft, but with my idea of an auto crossbow(with a trick) and semi auto crossbow; can make pretty much guns in minecraft that can have adjustable features. No need for crackshot for example, as I could make custom ammo for crossbows and work a semi auto that can pack a punch!!! Pretty cool for me; but its experimental and a work; only amusing to me.  But if people could using crossbow to damage one another, it could be awesome! Note: Crossbow regular is Very weak. So I am talking about some buffs that can make it work better. Which would be inspiration for survival tactic based server. Even in minigames.  But again have to see the outcomes.

I really would like to get the main zone going again, which would be building and just hangout nostalgia. Just as starting a new survival concept would be a work in its own, as opposed to things like Economy playing a role. But its a work in progress.

Just would mainly for now like to get basics on the server like world guard and world edit. Minigames and other plugins for fun/other purpose have to look into more, not sure what is all good and can work into game play. As I just don't want to deal with broken minigames or anything. With zone starting new it should be really basic and upcoming, why also I would not mind keeping its mainframe with survival features starting. Zones mainframe is the building side, which would be more accessing things like old places,without access.  Also for building creative builds, while survival is dedicated to the role of the gameplay; was a big problem for zone at its last days it seemed.

As I am just writing for now; I would just like zone updated to most recent version with most needed things(I Need to look), and start working on a project from there, generate a new world for players to enjoy with mixed creative/survival gamemodes to allow creative flexability, while also in works of a exclusive based survival world, which has to be stuff to work on, but can involved survival based minigames/PVP into this world. Not right away but in progress of.  Not sure on your take on such Koolio, so I just wonder about so. Experimental but at least getting zone going with some basic parts would help while working on new ideas.

General Discussions / Re: How the years have gone by
« on: June 13, 2019, 08:25:14 pm »
 8) Much love to all zone, and to you Koolio! hehe I was working on redstone(my adder in part for a beacon display machine), and even some art :) I have gotten into being an artist some lately as some of my projects naturally transpire into things that can be expressing into details, based on art. What art really is. (IMO) tells a story, sometimes advanced. Sometimes just cloning something, one of my ideas for something haha. Not as my own, just a concept.

I want minecraft zone to return some, as i might have some plans that could revive it some. Like actually finding some people who can help, or play there.  I have wanted minecraft zone back for quite sometime, just turning it back into a functioning server that is better then its condition right now for me; not easy. Alot to it, for now I just take it easy, possibly look toward figuring out what minecraft zone could be if it ran again. Ideas come to mind, but needs to be well regarded.

it's surprising when I think of the 1000's of other mc servers that are and were around to know that kraftzone was still a place for people who liked something about it

Zone was always like home to me, had basics like towny, and survival type features. Which you also had world edit/voxelsnipe type features which really sets it apart from a lot of basic servers. Features like so are what really make servers advanced, which if zone had more man-power, would be be defiantly something great. Players here always made me laugh, happy. Sometimes were buttheads though hehe.

Overall, its a big thing. But I have not been sure how I could help out fully to get zone more life it needs. As you need to worry about your life Koolio, not zone so much. Though I know if zone still grew, and some new players, the experiences to be cherished would be memorable. Who knows 5 years into the future(from 2014 to now), how some minecrafters are today, same as yesterday? Likely so, maybe some difference!!

Though here is a 4D tesseract I assembled, I have to format it different so it does not look so rectangular but its awesome! To me any way.  Few other proportions I could work on, but overall I think its like a special kind of geometry I enjoy :) - Also noted; WIP(Work in progress)

Announcements / Re: Site is back again...
« on: August 28, 2018, 07:05:41 am »
Awesome Koolio :) i have been a bit busy with some sheep stuff!!! it will be amazing! i have to ask will there be a new site? i see there is stuff posted but sometimes mis understand you know, so i am unsure completely but am pretty sure you are making a new site. If so then i shall wait to make some new posts about somethings!!  Been planning on returning to zone some including minecraft and finish some un attened sheep a mania beyond reality redstone super computation!!! am inspired and driven in circles like rotations of planets to the alternating current!! though thats just a thought, like thinking about zone.  *takes a breath* its been a load, but im going and going strong!

Media world today sucks to much ass and egg, i dont like it. I try sometimes, but i give up on the bullshit. I got better things to do then watch a shit head act like a shithead who did nothing but be a shit head, and glorify a shithead!  Zone can be beyond inspirations! stay strong and get stronger Koolio! its rough but zone can be more then one ever imagined. *continues grazing* 

Videos / Re: Just feel
« on: March 25, 2018, 08:14:40 am »
 :-\  :'(  :)  :D  :o :o :o :o :o :o What a goofy tractor trailer, i cannot believe this thing exists as i played the game all the time and thought really more then just a sad sap of chuckle nuggets to get this game by. What ever though, makes me sad to think of this game just hungry for cash.

Story mode is a perment nasty dump on the face of minecraft, i got my own thoughts on the lack of regard to sell some   scrap to get a profit off the game, but really its disgusting, gritty, and makes me want to actually vomit and not eat or sleep with extreme distress to believe that people are that insane and delusional in there mind to just throw out wraped used toliet paper and people actually wipe there butt with it and then use regular toliet paper to wipe there butt again (HEHE!! if you get it). ok ill tell: sell me minecraft story mode (used toliet paper) when i need toliet paper (minecraft). Lol pwease :( make-a-me sad.

this is no good in life how people need a penny, they claim they need to eat to, like how about atleast for starters if you want to be a waste of life scamp doodling atleast do something reasonably inspiring, who ever contributed to such convoluted nonsense profit, i hope they feel good about themselves, like im sure if you made them play there own work; it would be like rubbing a dogs nose in its own poop. hehe!

Announcements / Re: Let's sweep the dust off this place!!
« on: November 24, 2017, 07:51:49 am »
I dont think its really dust as it is lack of content to base subject off and rather the fact this fourm still has alot of minecraft revolving around it. Needs to really be updated and redone, but koolio is busy in the works with such, plus it takes time. But i am here for some, makes me sad like always, im just sand in the shoes seems :/ believe me zone not just a home to you and home to the element Koolio. Other people love this place to, and im sure collective opinions/other things to add to this fourm and games/etc what not is not bad, as i always see ts active it doesent have a bad place to start if people from games there came to here. But this fourm is so much minecraft, in which i dont mind but it does kind of leave off a broken kind of vibe that you know theres stuff going on otherwise, not the site and game the site based on. Iv always been up for it! just about what collectively sticks, who cares really and what not.  All i write is that i am here for zone always, sometimes just refrains from sharing so much.

General Discussions / Re: Server?!
« on: October 03, 2017, 04:31:46 am »
A good old memory of the server

General Discussions / Re: Pretty bad grief on server
« on: August 15, 2017, 06:03:50 pm »
Honestly, its been alot to discuss. Its others game i used to play, and similar problems(not the exact same but similar things), and just the games directions and it really bothers me. Ill admit that its personal to some just because i do blame the last "few support" so to speak for some things, including my self. We can all do better ill admit, i mean theres more to zone ofcourse but its just pained me to be apart of things that arent exactly helpful/good memorys.

Like even though we all built it yeah, the fact my name wasent on a credit board in the spawn did anger me since its hard to take if it was a personal thing or not; in which that matter is a whole as its own which does include woombo, but maybe not to extent/understanding i may believe. It just made me feel left out really, no care for credit, like damn push me away from here though it was all us. Hurt really. PS: I do apologize for the alcohol statements, (i mean even the trolling, i hold it to an esteem of it being some of the problem of SUPPORT BUDDIES! though you were a staff, some difference look how kott was why i say it always)  But the statements about you being drunk honestly hold it because of just that a time awhile back, really just because it was like the last few players we had on the server, and you came by and terrorized them. Ill admit it was hilarious but sad because it was like that shit they could easily never come back or just come to hate this server. 

All in all, i am mad at a few of you guys, and ill say to that pepsi he got a little bit of it, since i mean i really was mad at you guys basically even the day Koolio promoted you(woombo) were promoted and sea was also, johnny had his support and i was so happy; until everyone started acting like shits. Lol then i was like "smh why be happy?". Its like damn not even a day i got to regret feeling good about something, and its funny it was the same way with kott. Felt happy for someone, was let down. I wonder if that will be the last two times i regret being happy for someone? not. But its why i hold it, might not be relevant all to these days, but it means something overall! even if kz was a game; is the logic devised not working? are we not using time(money) to play the game? are we not litterally using are real essensence to make something? thats just were i always have seen games, as more then games. Why i dont forget things atleast to moderation, its like if we dident hold are mistakes/memorys to some extent we would all be cavemen learning how to light a fire to learn how to not burn ourselves. I mean its a bit different here, but ill explain.

Just recent games overall have brought back some old memorys, thoughts and such. Old games i played long before Kz. Im battling some people/ even the game team developers there to make sure they get there poo poo together and not make any bad updates to the game!!! Its a longstory in its self but its been a rough one! iv had to tell them they are smoking/exposed to chemicals because of the ideas they are producing!  So just being here and destroying stuff, even just dealing with old memorys(because i have been dealing with some there ofcourse) around the game so its just been rough overall. Could just leave it all behind, easily move on. But what the fun-- well not all fun :( as just concluding to reality as it may be. Atleast just to some of my own thoughts, but just to say somethings arent healthy to games, in which then depends on what the vector of the game is. Overall im just pissed about alot of things, and have been taking some out here but also because i want Zone to be amazing!!!! I mean Koolio you are the main but really its up to us all to help, even in just small ways to make it amazing though ranting isent the helpfulist thing really about my own wont help but i just want to set the record straight, espeically about things that were very bad to a server which it was a game; but they were real actions that were not exactly friendly or helpful. Been doing it alot, people dont like it! but whats gotta be! 

General Discussions / Re: Pretty bad grief on server
« on: August 10, 2017, 09:08:12 pm »
It wasent bad in all honestly, i dont think all the builds where at all copied, some i did think were a little excess used so its kinda like eh but overall it wasent a bad spawn. Like the middle platform i did think was kind of over used. There was alot of nice things about it that i felt bad, like the dam,  one of the big structors, even alot of stuff, it wasent a bad place really just; Just the houses repetitive, fact you gave credit the world edit (lol really even to world edit, not me) was you, koolio, johnny, sea, zking/senpai and that was the main contributors. We know were it goes from here for me ;( but oh well. 

I dont mean to be so harsh on you and the build really wasent bad at all, but just something about a corny statue (not one you built or sea, zking me or koolio) Johnny though, like dude(johnny) your +1 other's issue is through the roof dog. Like senpai builds one, and yet you got to retailate with a smaller, more crappy pre-built version that actually makes me think that the spawn is processed, because the statue is. Cant make an organic salad with processed parts. Like damn man one putting his heart/soul out and yet johnny just putting out the youtube vids, tryin to get dat trophy. Like damn bro not on the build!! Seriously why right afterward i incinerated the 1.8 spawn. Its just grotesque. Make me so sick i wanted to fuckin vomit. Its sad really, but why the statue? i originally destroyed that and had a laugh, but soon after looking around reading, i got a little angry and you know the rest. Really you and sea arent bad builders at all i will disclaim and depending on time and effort have gotten alot better i am sure. But this is why i say it was a "youtube vid"copied spawn rofl!!

(i mean; in that spawn is this not similar to what was built?)

But it just made me think of broken zones, ambitons places that arent anymore, sure its a good built i dident destroy the KZ "there" hehe i couldent. But makes me sad there is no players there anymore. I do understand its best to move on, but more i see it zone can last life times easily. Just like old structors dont have to be torn away but about keeping it preserved and those who care about its worth. Its not easy though, its only concluded that a team (real) would be needed to keep Kz alive and a real server, and thats not easy/cheap.

Really i dont have all that much,other then the whole /kill thing(more went into a forum post), then the time with the bk argument, a bit more best discussed otherwise. Pissed me off lots, in which seems like there things on the "back burner" people dont talk about; leading to problems.  Never ment to be hurtful to an extend but really, i just dident feel good about those things and how time passes by with them on here. Better buried but nah, rather till the dirt of zone, even in the works of Koolios new element.  Wasent right to tear it apart ;( but i just got pissed at few people, things old times, just like the generic spawn people would log on to zone and laugh at. Made me sad. its just how it is though, doing that to the spawn wasent really just toward you, how feel towards somethings at zone, particularly others. Not all, but really i do believe zone could be better but i mean even like this it wont be.

All in all, i believe i could have worked it out better then this(few other things, like everyone getting credit, even for the cloned statue but me!) , but really that statue pissed me off something fierce!! so really not to be harsh toward you, its not personal at all just angry about shit like that.

General Discussions / Re: Pretty bad grief on server
« on: August 10, 2017, 04:24:11 pm »
I have to admit it was wrong, but i couldent help it!
I litterally laughed my fucking ass off the whole time XD XD XD XD  that was funny!

General Discussions / Re: Pretty bad grief on server
« on: August 10, 2017, 03:55:30 pm »
Not on the server, your shit built world edit spawn, in which i helped built some of the pillars and you dident give me credit. Everyone else got credit except me. Even koolio(he did work on it to with voxel but i did too!!!!), like fuck you alcoholic  coming and bothering people on the server, All the pain i feel is for the possibiltiy of koolio bringing back your copied buildings, and even hurting whatever senpai/zking built. Fuck yourself  with the remaining blocks in that shitthole spawn. I must have clicked someone by accident but its alright gotta let em know some how hahahaha! needed to start some drama with the bois who get drunk/acts all that plus with sea always having his nose up somebody ass. Serioulsy save your i hope everyone is doing well, not me i know you fucking drunk moron. 

I mean; thats what it is; mean. I dont have a right to do that, but then again i did! Just like i could have gotten drunk and trolled the rest of the players off the server, or continually popped up bothering them, like they want some annoying cow who gives them diamond blocks trolling them(you did this to me WITH johnny(idk if he was staff but he was a dis cow runing around with you!)) So you group of faggot trolls can eat a dick(like i already assume). Plus you told me "you dont want a problem with me" your right... until you copied my actions like a monkey trying to blow up a glitched item frame, froze my computer screen and i /killed your ass. So you act like its the end of the world over a fucking "kill" command? Okay, you got a problem then you worthless puddle of piss. Seriously i told you i wasent fully awake after a shallow slumber, like seriously? mention my name 3 times, and that kott wasnent doing anything back then. Fuck you man ill never like you, not even the first second you popped into my sugarcane cave as a fat ugly fucking cow. Just a drunk baffoon trying to sell KZ on t shirts nobody in their right mind would dare to buy. Pepsi i take back what i had said, be anything you like! except an alcoholic coming on KZ drunk lol!

Go fuck yourself man, i wouldent hurt anything else on KZ except whatever the "virus" players have touched(hehe sorry Koolio! blew up the 1.8 spawn to!), i mean that shit doesent belong at skyspawn, belongs in the nether somewhere. Its fucking WE trash except for the statues Z built. Why he moved them out and to his location! You guys fucking suck! that doesent belong at sky spawn, let alone you act like shit for KZ yet its should a vanity you show to your friends. I shouldent destroy stuff its clear the griff but really, why the fuck is it in skyspawn if it dont serve no purpose other then sitting around like a piece of shit waiting the be cleaned up. Really thats not even going to be the new spawn, just something else sad to make your own ambitions go high with copied buildings from youtube builders. Awesome! 

Seriously? Now youve actually made me feel bad. Koolio waste his good time, on your worthless fucking scuzz you could probably rebuild better. Sad.

PS. the 1.8 spawn i blew up simply because it was nothing but a controversy to any players who had seen it and known it was prebuild, was a constant down on KZ. Could have planted some flowers and a shit house would have done better.

General Discussions / Re: Memes
« on: August 06, 2017, 05:43:51 pm »
What a funny picture hehe! I wonder why this monsters got trumps hair? huh im confused  :o maybe im seeing things

Introductions / Re: I'm cool!
« on: July 19, 2017, 12:38:48 pm »

Appeal a ban / Re: i appel for kott too be banned
« on: February 15, 2017, 10:29:13 pm »

yeah they are funny, reminds me of sad times, and really funny times hehe.

General Discussions / Re: An overdue confession
« on: February 13, 2017, 03:58:54 pm »
XD what i thought of when i read that

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