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Title: Let's take the cobwebs off the website.
Post by: Theodor Andrei on July 27, 2020, 11:37:30 am
Hello, my name is Theodor aKa old RonCraft on the server around 2013-2014(honestly, can't really remember). I recently had a boost of productivity and combined with the feel of nostalgia and decided to check what the server is up to. I am 20 now, starting my 3rd year of college at the University of Bucharest, studying English and Croatian. Wanted to know basically what is the forum up to, if anyone checks it anymore and such... It's been a while, really... A couple of nights ago I remember searching through posts on the forum, uncovering chunks of nostalgia mixed with cringiness and sweet memories. I remember that my first post I've read was me trying to act all mature  :). Jesus, I was 14 at the time and I mentioned in an app for helper/staff that I act like I am 20, even tho I was blatantly lying. From what I see, the cracked access to the server is down, as well as the dynmap domain, so I have no way of access to the server map, not even to hover over the worlds and recall the times when I was just a kid, living a peaceful life where worries and sadness did not exist.

Ok, enough with the nostalgia. I just have a constant boost of productivity and as I don't have anything to be productive upon nowadays, I searched for games I could spend my time into (books did not work, just went trough the whole Metro series in a month), I watched couple of shows, that until kraftzone flashed into my mind. Then i came back to check on you guys. I talked with Koolio the other day (i remember that for some reason i kept calling him Kooglio, idk why) over discord, and he told me that they might update the server in the near future, which is great to hear, really! You have no idea how excited I've been when i saw those messages in the discord chat box. Well, I am being patient, and i know most of you, fellas, have their full-time, or even part-time jobs, and don't have as much free time as you used to, but until koolio and others manage to allocate some time to the server, i thought maybe i'd get to know you guys more than i used to when i was a brat. So, here is my intro:

Hey there! I am Theodor, former user of the name RonCraft and former Helper on :;,.Kz. Can't fully recall why i left Kraftzone, only that i was bored of Minecraft, and i tried to take a break from it, but i could not do it... Then i got into League of Legends where I spent all my time playing, and being full on toxic, you know how league is xD at least in EuNE. I also started going outside, tried to loose a couple of KGs, which i managed to, but nothing really spectacular. I just now remember how stupid I was to leave KraftZone, but i also thing that i couldn't do anything about it as Minecraft started being kind of dull for me, but i still feel guilty about it. And now I am 20, I am in 3rd year at the University of Bucharest, the Faculty of Foreign Languages, studying English and Croatian, commuting between Alexandria and Bucharest, in a relationship, not the best relationship tho, trying to stay in contact with the community i worshipped when i was a kid, and aspire to be a part of when i am grown up. :D I've attached a photo of how i look now, it's the only photo i have that i have, it's from a recent CV that i sent to a company :D. What about you, guys? How is life going for you?
Title: Re: Let's take the cobwebs off the website.
Post by: 1.902 on August 03, 2020, 03:19:23 pm
You know? I want to write more... but no matter what I write I don't know. Ill just write this:

Most people moved on. They don't want to waste time working on a game they don't play. Most others who might be around kept in contact otherwise; possibly more then just a little back and forth chit chat. Koolio used to hang out with some of the people here; now he doesen't have time for it. Don't plan on him making time for the server!!

I mean you might have a creative boost; but I don't think that will save the server or have anyone here really care.

Truthfully people here don't really want new friends or really care about anyone other then themselves. They have become friends over the course of time; you? me? Just some distant memorys that float by and nothing more.

Even if the server does come back; keep in mind it was taken down in 2015 and brought back up 4 years later; also that more then half a dozen people wanted it gone. Sad how thats more then the people who actually played on the server at that point.  Who knows who will come crawling out of the wood work to come fuck the server more then they already have.

I know you want to get to know people here more; but sadly you have to hang out with them or know them. I don't know what that means; but last time I checked there was a party in dubai; and me and you ain't invited! Well you might be; I'm not!. And if you are posting here to get to know people; are you even a kraftzone member? Or just a player?

See I always wanted to be a kraftzone member; but unfortunately the server died and I died a player. Let alone a kraftzone member is just slang for Koolio friend.
Not sure what else to write. There really isen't a community for you to get to know here; but thats kind of visible. Maybe someone somewhere else?

I'm sure you can build the server up; but know there is plenty of people who are now good friends who will be more then willing to tear it all down for a good laugh among themselves. They are already done.

Already been a week. Eternity will go by and this will all be rendered to dust.  What will you do?

No friendship here for you; and no support to help out. Its all on you. Where were you? Never spent time here with anyone then who was on the server; what people? Some people gone now like you were then. Just like me and anyone gone now; meaningless

recall the times when I was just a kid, living a peaceful life where worries and sadness did not exist

Welcome to the real world! I never had that in childhood; It all sucked pretty bad. Pretty much enjoy your shit life simply die miserable. Fuck I wish I was born privileged.

I might write more in a moment; maybe better I don't know. I just hate to break it but the community is done.
Title: Re: Let's take the cobwebs off the website.
Post by: Theodor Andrei on August 04, 2020, 10:40:13 pm
Damn, that's deep, i really don't know what to say.... Maybe you are right, but this was my home once and will always be, I got koolio motivated enough to fix the server and rn he is working on the worlds and warps, updating the server and more, and I will help him with whatever I can. Maybe, who knows, maybe this time will be different.
Title: Re: Let's take the cobwebs off the website.
Post by: Koolio on August 04, 2020, 11:02:16 pm
Sheep's always deep, he's not entirely wrong or right though, the thing about friends/members here its not all true also some party dubai there was no party. Though kraftzone members that I remember and registered as forum members are all on the virtual list for a reunion party at some point in a distant lottery winning universe where I koolio throws money around lol, just don't count on it happening thats all. Much like this mc server getting back to anything other than another attempt to bring it back to being playable... problem really being that mc just hasn't improved much so my attention and time available to it isn't what it used to be, hell some great mods that used to exist simply don't anymore, and that's just offputting, so i dunno whatever the hell mojang/ms do with all that money they get for mc, it doesn't go into the game much.
Title: Re: Let's take the cobwebs off the website.
Post by: 1.902 on August 10, 2020, 07:41:11 am
I want to start an actual new chapter on zone; But its just not been easy.

Can't write I did anything to really motivate Koolio or anyone else; or even did stuff myself.  So the server being down is my fault and I feel like if I don't help it might not. Not that anyone needs me. But maybe if I could help; just maybe.

The game has really been going in the direction of using mcfunctions; and other types of pratices. They even have dimensions were you can go to multiple worlds now in vanilla. So the game is improving a lot in terms of vanilla; just not in a developer since.

So somethings are limited but it doesen't mean all things are gone. I wanted to figure out what might benefit certain functions better; such as plugins that support functions because the functions will likely last as the game goes on; the plugins have to be updated. So It was my orginal goal I just got carried away with a few other things.

I am not doubting the server starting; as I figured it was just some people going to be together getting the server going; It was just some personal experiences that made me feel otherwise.

So ignore some of what I write; but people have kept in touch and you don't know who can message each otherwise; so its not like there is much trust in the server; more behind closed doors. That is as of this date; some of them will not even return so its changed again. It was a year ago about now we tried to restart the server.

I am trying to make my life better and it seems to be getting so; I just have some built up rage I let off. Its nothing much but really its not been easy for me either to really get a server going; maybe if I actually took more time and a little more focus; and not place time in ideas that go nowhere because there isen't bigger concepts would be good.

Personally had ideas but they just kind of washed away as I felt no one here was really there for the zone. But if you want you can work on it; I am here also but just know I am not perfect.