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Title: Site is back again...
Post by: Koolio on August 27, 2018, 05:21:08 pm
So took a bit longer to get things back...

New server is using php7 which meant the forum wasn't going to run without an update.. which I had been holding off doing as I knew it would break so many things like plugins..

And it has, so while things mostly work the forum and the various plugins it was setup with before are no longer working properly.

Anyway the news announcement I had made a week ago got lost. Just to reiterate it the current Kraftzone website is going to be moved to a different subdomain and folder... so will become   or

This is to make room for a new fresh website.

Anyway it's back :)
Title: Re: Site is back again...
Post by: 1.902 on August 28, 2018, 07:05:41 am
Awesome Koolio :) i have been a bit busy with some sheep stuff!!! it will be amazing! i have to ask will there be a new site? i see there is stuff posted but sometimes mis understand you know, so i am unsure completely but am pretty sure you are making a new site. If so then i shall wait to make some new posts about somethings!!  Been planning on returning to zone some including minecraft and finish some un attened sheep a mania beyond reality redstone super computation!!! am inspired and driven in circles like rotations of planets to the alternating current!! though thats just a thought, like thinking about zone.  *takes a breath* its been a load, but im going and going strong!

Media world today sucks to much ass and egg, i dont like it. I try sometimes, but i give up on the bullshit. I got better things to do then watch a shit head act like a shithead who did nothing but be a shit head, and glorify a shithead!  Zone can be beyond inspirations! stay strong and get stronger Koolio! its rough but zone can be more then one ever imagined. *continues grazing* 
Title: Re: Site is back again...
Post by: Koolio on August 30, 2018, 02:01:06 am
Always like your posts sheepman :D

To answer your question about a new site.. yes I am doing a new one now.. will be a wordpress site, with plugins for things like shoutbox and new forum.. I'll do a custom theme maybe something similar maybe a little different...  it will look different in layout for sure but think it might be whats needed to start kz with something fresh.. and this one won't go away it just won't be the main site anymore.. I think it will be alright to start with and get better over time as and when other things happen like its own game or maybe in the meantime a server for other games again.

the plan anyway.. thanks for the encouragement, I don't give up on the zone either :)