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Title: June Update 2014
Post by: Koolio on May 31, 2014, 08:14:23 pm
Kz Minecraft launcher update....

Giving this the frontpage treatment seeing as I think i've about as much bugtesting as I can.

For more information, feedback visit here: (

Latest features:
1.36- Adds mod listings (easier to see which mods have been updated)

1.35- Adds modpacks...

(click the download link in the button, not the button :))

Install Setup: Forum

The above will offer to install to default location of  %appdata%\.minecraft  and create shortcut icons in startmenu
---------or ----------
The below is do it yourself install (extract all .zip files into a new folder you created):

Portable Zip : Forum

Run "Minecraft Launcher.exe" (this file can be renamed, it will still work)

Once installed goto [Settings]>[Minecraft Releases] to get minecraft releases.

----v1.36---- 15/7/2014 ----
- New Feature:  Mod listings can be found on [Mod/Addons]> [list of Mods]
- Bug fix: Modpacks/MCVersions grid row styling now accurate all the time
- Launcher is now resizable, sometimes useful for the grid views.

----v1.35---- 11/7/2014 ----
- New Feature: [Mod/Addons] tab now contains the long awaited modpacks
- Moved Java Portable downloads into the [Mod/Addons] tab.
- Many bugfixes with downloading modpacks, extracting, uninstalling mods.
- Known issue: Once a mod or mcversion has been installed the highlight color
  may still show red on Installed even, just manually reselect it etc

----v1.34---- 02/7/2014 ----
- Bug fix: Zip extraction progress now accurate.
- No longer requires launcher restart when adding Java portable versions.

----v1.33---- 26/6/2014 ----
- Bug fix: now downloads all the files required for newer 1.7.10+ releases.
  I broke it in 1.32 fixing another bug, so be sure to upgrade to this version!!

----v1.32---- 22/6/2014 ----
- Java 8 Portable 32/64bit added into 'Updates' tab for download & install.
- Console output option added in 'Settings' tab, lets you see detailed log
   information, and any extra info and errors while loading and running game.
- Copy log button added to 'About' tab.

----v1.31---- 20/6/2014 ----
- A fake launcher_profile.json added if the file does not already exist,
 required so forge installer works.
-Create gamedir folder in kz launcher incase minecraft doesn't (prevents
 a crash if forge loader is installed as it loads up before minecraft and looks
for mods in the gamedir when starting up)


Kraftzone stuff

No topvoters this month (all the actual topvoters already have a higher rank), worst month in Kraftzone history for votes and not surprising really. Since the flydiscs stopped working 100% for everyone, and free /flight  for all players was given out, there really hasn't been much incentive to go vote.

Anyway that will be fixed soon as I've got the source code for the plugin now and will be looking to fix it myself. Also I've decided instead of promoting 4-5 voting sites and spreading votes out, I'd rather more people vote more regularly at Planetminecraft ( and Minestatus ( instead of voting on many voting sites but less often as seems to happen. If we could all focus on doing that, it would be better overall I think. Also member and memberplus ranks will be getting some requirement changes in the future. I haven't decided what exactly, but I am wanting to move away from using just voting sites and the number of votes as a means of basing player loyalty and rewards on. I've personally grown tired of voting sites and captcha crap, but at least for kraftzone current situation it does feel like a necessary thing until the server can get things rolling again.

Ideas for the change I'm thinking of is a player referral system that can be used by other players to promote those who they feel contribute to making kraftzone better for everyone. Such as running a good town, building things or stuff that can be used for the server such as arenas, being helpful, being active or taking part in minigame events, telling others about the server that got them to join, creating things outside of the minecraft server such as videos, streaming while playing on kraftzone, helpful forum topics, graphics etc. Of course it is all in the details on how this will run that will either work or not but I think its a worth while direction to try.

I don't expect all these changes to be happening for a while as we wait on minecraft 1.7.9 and 1.8 server upgrade to take place first before I start looking at plugins to handle a migration away from just voting only plugins.

If you have any ideas on how you would want to see this work leave a comment. For the immediate changes only Planetminecraft ( and Minestatus ( will be the promoted voting sites for Kraftzone as they have in the past been the most useful at attracting new players to try Kraftzone especially Planetminecraft ( .

Also I know some of you think things are kind of in limbo and boring at kraftzone and you wouldn't be wrong. However I feel inclined to point out that a big reason for that is because I can't just upgrade Kraftzone or ( for that matter to 1.7.9, in order to get more plugins working again such Survival Games or other updated plugins that only work on 1.7.9 now. The big reason is that the lobby servers authentication plugin has no way of dealing with the 1.7.9 UUID update yet, this is a huge block in moving forward. However its not something I will be ditching just because its easier to leave it behind, so I hope you can bare with it for a while longer. Also I'm informed by the developer that a solution is in the works and should be out shortly, they had a hold up on waiting for bukkit aswel.

Other things that will be happening in June is a reorganization of the sky spawn, the new player spawn bridge, portals warps and titan castle will all be moved to the 1.7 amp world (/wilderness) for a fresh take on a server spawn, the idea is to go back to how Kraftzone server spawn used to look before sky spawn. The adminshop (/shop) will also be moved out of skyspawn into the /cityworld where a shopping mall is being created, the adminshop will become part of that mall, with the rest of the shopping outlets will go up for rent. You will be able to rent these shops to create your own shops/chestshops inside of the mall to sell stuff. We will probably keep the playershop signs still until everyone transitions to the new setup.

Rank changes

- Extacyy is back on the wikiteam again.
Check back later, still deciding other staff rank changes for this month.

Other updates

- /lightfix All helpers and staff have access to this command for now. It recalculates the lighting in the area you use the command. So you don't have to manually break any blocks to force a lighting update. It's only really needed on the amp world to fix the newly generated areas that have minecraft's garbage lighting where its just black when it should be illuminated.

If you feeling bored and flying around and see these badly lit areas if you could just do that command it would make the map look better. And quicker to get that amp world map looking better without so many of these black patches.

- All the public maps ( ( have been updated. As you can see the 1.7 amp world does need some lighting fixes.

There are a few more updates for last month that had seperate thread created, see here More minigames added ([/list]
Title: Re: June Update 2014
Post by: Lily on May 31, 2014, 08:24:11 pm
I actually really like the idea of rank updates; member and member+ really only require voting as it stands and once you reach those 100 votes it really just ends all incentive for voting. I think it would be cool to add another rank above member and bb+ - something that players can aim for. Trying to reach the maximum rank is a lot of fun and it can be a challenge if the requirements are up to par. I think play-time would be a good requirement but without an auto-kick feature it is kind of pointless... maybe a rank called 'veteran'?

The biggest thing I'm looking forward to is the reorganization of spawn - I find it a little confusing and I tend to still get lost even after playing for a fair amount of time. I've seen new players quit stating they couldn't figure out how to get through spawn.

I'm very glad to be back on the wiki-team, thanks a lot for letting me have another go. I wasn't gone for too long so I should remember how to do everything!
Title: Re: June Update 2014
Post by: Chris on June 01, 2014, 12:00:18 am
Veteran rank 500+ votes. you get /hat and some /dis. Dat would be nice...
Title: Re: June Update 2014
Post by: Chris on June 01, 2014, 12:08:24 am
Before saying "Nuuuuu dat take da 1yer to gett nuuuuu"

It takes...

voting 5 times a day... it takes  100 days. (like 3~5 months)
voting 4 times a day... it takes  125 days. (like 4~6 months)
voting 3 times a day... it takes  166.6666666666667 days (like 5~8 months)

If u vote 1 ~ 2 times a day. u dont deserver veteran rank. >.> and that is even if kool-kool makes da rank.
Title: Re: June Update 2014
Post by: Pepsi87 on June 01, 2014, 04:09:14 am
Remember that refferal code thing we talked about(its cool you found it interesting)  I was thinking that anybody interested in doing anything for the server. Like you said "advertising, streaming, ect." I was thinking of a plugin or a list where players can get their own number or somthing to identify it was them. And whenever they do something or someone comes on because of them they can mention the code. Like they do in games. "Send this to 10 other people to receive 10 free -insert prize here-" not sure how it would work with kz but its a step forward
Title: Re: June Update 2014
Post by: johnny on June 01, 2014, 04:38:31 am
Just to point this out, I found out that you can actually vote 2 times on in a day, every 12 hours or so. So just a heads up and a note you could remember.
I'm interested of the new spawn if I could just maybe help you it would be my pleasure to help; the idea of a new rank could be awesome aswel since it's pretty true that after getting the 100 votes goal, players would think voting being useless; Veteran could be a new rank and maybe another rank maybe called Elite which would be 250 votes? eh I think adding new goals for players to vote more is more of a challenge if you can say.

These ranks would gain you special perks that you don't normally have like Veteran could get /dis, /hat, /kit (new kits? ie: /kit veteran use every week?), /workbench and many more. And maybe add more ranks later on like Senior could be equivalent to M++. I really don't know.

The new spawn in the 1.7 amp it where I've showed you the place?
Title: Re: June Update 2014
Post by: johnny on June 01, 2014, 04:44:59 am
/lightfix isn't even a cmd.. it just repeats the same msg Unknown command. Type "/help" for help.
Could you please tell us the right cmd for that?

Title: Re: June Update 2014
Post by: Pepsi87 on June 27, 2014, 05:32:50 pm
cjb mod, keybind G, tppos doesnt seem to work, nor does clicking on player name to tp, get kicked for "illegal character in chat" any way around this for staff?
Title: Re: June Update 2014
Post by: Koolio on June 27, 2014, 08:03:09 pm
remove cjb mod from the mods folder or press 'y' in game and see if there is a config option..