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Well, here are my builds that could get my Architect Rank
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Desert_Sanctuary PVP Tower (Ext)
IT'S THE DESERT_SANCTUARY'S PVP TOWER! A tower for PVP, fun fact, only about 6 people have actually pvp'd in here, also, thanks to CopyableCougar4 for helping in building the Nether Arena. Wait, Nether Arena, I'm getting ahead of myself.
 541  4.38
Nov 11, 2012
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Some builds not on KZ (Master Sword)
So this could be what I could make if I had fly and possibly creative
 645  2  2.96
Nov 11, 2012
My first House on KraftZone (Ext.)
The very first House I built, shared by 4 others, whom no longer play this server, it was built mostly by me, the design, and most of the materials used came from me
 355  0.61
Nov 11, 2012
The Sky_Sanctuary (Dance Hall Bar)
Dancing leaves me parched, so I like to stay at the bar and mingle after a good dance.
 317  0.61
Nov 11, 2012
The Sky_Sanctuary (Dance Hall Int)
Once I've gotten a liquid refreshment, I release the inner demon of dance on the dance floor, watch out!
 365  0.61
Nov 11, 2012
Boat v4
Here's my boat at the island, wait, where's v2 and v3? didn't want to see it....just no...
They rest in Davey Jones' Locker at the bottom of the sea, let's put it at that....
ok, I burned them down, also, thanks to BrandonPKC for the heads, and helping with the dock, also to LunarBrick for hi…
 558  0.61
Nov 11, 2012
1st House on KraftZone (Ext 2nd Level)
Here's a different view
Nov 11, 2012
1st House (Int)
Finally the interior
Nov 11, 2012
The Sky_Sanctuary (My House)
Now onto my town, The Sky_Sanctuary is known for attaining residents for at maximum a week, then they all leave, anyways, I just use the town as my private build site, here's my house for example
Nov 11, 2012
The Sky_Sanctuary (Dance Hall Ext)
I like too get down at the Sky_Sanctuary Dance Hall on the weekends, I'm a huge hit there.
Nov 11, 2012
The Sky_Sanctuary (Desert_Sanctuary)
This small little house was made in about 3 mins, and served as the outpost to the Sky_Sanctuary, Koolio, you should be able to let people name outposts, if so, this would be the Desert_Sanctuary, wait, what is that in the background?
Nov 11, 2012
Desert_Sanctuary PVP Tower (Lobby)
The Lobby of the PVP Tower, I really wished there was a plugin to help allow PVP in certain parts of a town, and not others, I don't like plots ._.
Nov 11, 2012
Desert_Sanctuary PVP Tower (1v1 Arena)
Arena 1, typical 1v1, with spectating zones, seriously though, a way to make ceratin blocks PVP and no-PVP, this would be perfect for arenas!
Nov 11, 2012
Desert_Sanctuary PVP Tower (2v2 Arena)
Same as before, only for 2v2, anyone know if there's already some type of plugin to make very concise areas PVP or non-PVP, its like, I can't be the 1st to think of this, right?
Also its nether themed, again, thanks Copy :)
Nov 11, 2012
Desert_Sanctuary PVP Tower (4 player Arena)
All out brawl, 4 person free for all, nature themed :D
Nov 11, 2012
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