KraftZone Server:




Welcome to the donator page,

All donations help pay for the server, its future, and upgrades. Please only consider donating if you have permission to do so and you understand that ...

1. Any donation made is in good will, and not in expectation for any perks or rank upgrades.

2. Donation perks that are listed here might not always be accessible. This can be for any number of reasons without notice, so do always find out from [Admin] what the reason for that might be if you are unsure of anything.

3. Any donator privileges given to you do not exempt you from the server rules, common courtesy and other related rules given to you regarding access to plugins you might get.

All perks are provided for your use only, giving out of items either directly, competion prizes or by making shops and selling items you have gained from a donation perk is not condoned unless you have permission from [Admin]. Please do not abuse things or you could lose access to those perks, getting it back again is no guarantee. If in doubt please just ask [Admin] before going ahead with doing something might otherwise jeopardize what perks you have gained.

I should say that most donators usually always end up getting extra perks later on, sometimes access to newer plugins that get added or tried out on the server, no matter what they donated initially. It's the gesture that counts, and I try to reward loyalty wherever possible, earning my trust and helping Kraftzone become better helps towards that.

Donator Perks Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3

-More Privileges z z z
-Chat channel +extras z z z  
-In Game Rank z z z  
-Forum Rank z z z  
-Set Multiple Homes z z z  
-Clear inventory z z z  
-Dynmap (Live map) z z z  
-Kit Flydisc z z z  
-Virtual Workbench z z z  
-Mob Disguises z z z  
-Grappling Hook (new) z z z  
-Fly Access (Unlimited)   z z  
-Kit Money z z  
-Hats/blockheads   z z  
-Easy Fireworks z z  
-See Inventory z z  
-Warps (Creating/Accessing) z z  
-Colored Nickname   z  
-Instant Repair z  
-Change Time   z  
-God Mode z  
-Teleport Compass z  
-Set your own mob spawners     z  
-Delete Tree     z  
-Multi Inventories     z  
-Smoke Trail (new)     z  
-Mob Rider   z  
-Mob pets     z  


Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime  
Donation Offer:

The below checkboxes are optionals you can add once you've selected a Tier

-Faster flying speed     + $10
-Creative Mode    

Total = $0

For more information on creative mode access check:

The Custom tier option is flexible (ie talk to Koolio) This page was only made to present you with a basic guide of what is most likely included for your donation.

Access to many other minecraft related server plugins, map generators and any plugin requests are entirely possible. Contact Koolio in game or via forum pm, to discuss questions you have regarding donating. And also if you are, so that we know to check and setup your donator perks.