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xxNovember Top voters (2014)

December 04, 2014, 06:08:17 pm by Koolio
Views: 2317 | Comments: 0

Thanks to all for voting in November.

The following players will all get Voter+ rank for this month.

1st limo55568
2nd CalebMC_____65
3rd hi123_3458

Planetmc: 310 342
Minestatus: 200 109
MCSL: 68

Total votes: 1029

xxOctober Updates 2014

November 06, 2014, 02:30:12 pm by Koolio
Views: 3227 | Comments: 6

<Nothing to see here yet, wall of text incoming sometime not today>

tl:dr ...I haven't written a wall of text in over a month, you should be glad I don't do these posts every month :D

Rank changes

Helper/Staff/Support changes:

Some old players return back to the ranks they left off at, however this news update is late its not even news is it :D

XxDARKxSPARTANxX makes it to helper rank (needs a new skin)
FlameWolf makes it to helper rank
fishmannyj is Staff, (No idea how he got back :D )
SirMrManSheep gets promotion to =Staff (Another staff you can ask to Worldedit :) )
Ytsen is back to Support (I finally found a ytsen replacement, its ytsen :D )

xxOctober Top voters (2014)

November 05, 2014, 10:55:58 am by Koolio
Views: 2241 | Comments: 2

Thanks to all for voting in October.

Time to maybe discontinue voting as a rank requirement seeing as many don't bother, and its really not that beneficial to the server getting noticed with so few voting anyway.

The following players will all get Voter+ rank for this month.

1st Zking199838
2nd Mcderpinson34
3rd Heie27

Planetmc: 206 227
Minestatus: 156 113
MCSL: 80

Total votes: 782

xxSeptember Top voters (2014)

October 01, 2014, 06:33:47 pm by Koolio
Views: 2051 | Comments: 1

Thanks to all for voting in September.

Time to maybe discontinue voting as a rank requirement seeing as many don't bother, and its really not that beneficial to the server getting noticed with so few voting anyway.

The following players will all get Voter+ rank for this month.

1st Heie31
2nd vinmeistr28
3rd zking199823

Planetmc: 209 192
Minestatus: 181 87
MCSL: 64
CraftBukkit: 5

Total votes: 738 

xxServer future

September 19, 2014, 05:03:40 am by Koolio
Views: 4820 | Comments: 15

Kraftzone (/server main) has gone back to 1.7, the 1.8 server builds were just too unstable (as I'm sure you have all noticed the recently) and it required removing many plugins.

Updates including all your missing plugins are back; sidebar scoreboard, jobs, damage indicators, mob rewards and many more! , also minigames like /mp join (remember put your inventory in a chest before joining minigame plugins out of habbit if you do not want to risk losing items and (/mp leave to quit) .. cod zombies will be on again, and many more I will try to get working.

I have left the proxy servers to allow 1.7 and 1.8 clients  (as the motd in the server list says) because the lobby server, and the faction server will both allow 1.8 clients to connect, both those servers don't have anywhere near the amount of plugins and features of kraftzone main and so don't seem to have crashes.

Also incase you haven't heard the news (not that crap about Notch selling out Mojang to Microsuck for even more money that he gives back to the community NOT, or making the game better instead of relying on everyone else doing it for free)... No I'm talking about all of the Minecraft Bukkit server staff, which if Bukkit didn't exist neither would this server. The entire staff team quit over the DMCA claim and the piss poor handling and total incompetence of the news by Mojang employees imbecile Jeb (Lead Developer) and asshole Vu Bui (COO).

The DMCA claim which Wolverness had every right to file copyright over his contributed code which was not to a fully open source licensed project. It really would not have been an issue at all if Mojang had been fully honest with the community when they hired the main contributors such as Dinnberbone under a contract that allowed them to take ownership over the project 2years ago, neither did they sort out the project dodgy dual license, which they refuse to do, even though it goes in the face of Notch's own words to open source the project in future, too late now! open sourcing the Minecraft server (which is a pile shit anyway) would actually be a good thing for the whole community and solved the Bukkit license issue, its not even open sourcing the main game client.. for history..  (same page was replaced with corporate crap now)... not many noticed when it got changed...still its Notch's own words..

The future
I plan on developing Minecraft until it's a finished complete game, with a downloadable client (with fullscreen mode), custom key re mappings and possibly modding support.
For as long as people enjoy and purchase the game, I will develop extensions after the game is done.
Once sales start dying and a minimum time has passed, I will release the game source code as some kind of open source. I'm not very happy with the draconian nature of (L)GPL, nor do I believe the other licenses have much merit other than to boost the egos of the original authors, so I might just possibly release it all as public domain.

...funny how instead Notch sold out to the worst offenders of exploiting developers, open source projects and just about anyone in the way of them making money by monopolizing, copyright and corruption, fucking Microsoft.. maybe Mojang and MS had something in common after all :P

And Mojang have sat on owning the Bukkit project while many community developers took who worked for nothing took over after Mojang hired the last guys that worked on the project. Without Bukkit there are no Minecraft servers that are worth a damn and Minecrafts popularity would not be anywhere near where it is today. There is still no sign of a proper official API for Minecraft, something I call carrot on the stick as it has been 3-4years since Mojang have said they would create it (it would most likely never have been anywhere near as powerful as the community made projects like Bukkit api for servers or for Forge for client mods).. Notch has made millions on this indie development project and been very tight on hiring developers to work on these tools.. they cashed in while letting the community do the work for free instead, a perfect fit for Microsoft.

Anyway without anyone working on Bukkit to update it to 1.8, things are going to be slow in plugin updates, new plugins, fixes and just general progress on anything. It has come to a standstill as no one really wants to work on something that is potentially a dead end, even more so with MS owning the game.

However Kraftzone will carry on for as long as it players who want to play on 1.7, just bare in mind that without progress and direction in Minecraft and server plugins things are going stagnate. The semi good news is that there are other Minecraft server projects that have been started to take over from Bukkit, but the work involved in those projects is a huge undertaking to try catchup years of work that was done on Bukkit, not to mention that even if such projects could get a compatible 1.8 server out in the next few months, it leaves an even bigger job of getting server plugins ported over aswel.

I cannot say what the future is for this, the news of M$ buying Mojang has not left many impressed,  because nothing has really come out with what their plans are for Minecraft and all the little details that really matter. Infact since that deal has been done, Mojang have sat on the issue with Bukkit for 2weeks now.

In other news my 7 days to die  server is growing ( (thinking of moving it to  I'm practically remaking many popular Bukkit plugins for that instead :D And the developers have at least more than 2 fucking people working on the game, which is more than could be said for Minecraft where Notch only hired like 2-3 people to work on Minecraft for years,  so I guess if you ever see that game on steamsale I would recommend getting it and coming to play.. its more Minecraft v2, than I ever see MS accomplishing for Minecraft.

tl:dr V, read it!

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